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"About The Site - A Very Short Introduction"

Michael Burton Sr, Founder and CEO of Michael Burton Productions, LLC and founder Genesis 1 Productions in 1974, and former Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, welcomes you to my new Video Conferencing Website.

Here you will be able to communicate World-Wide with Friends, Family, and Business Associates in multiple languages with just a few clicks of your mouse.

I have created a 50 seat video conferencing site, it's easy to get set up, all you need to get started video conferencing is a webcam, which you can purchase here.

You'll look and sound your best with our high quality audio and video, unsurpassed by the competition, and with ease you can talk any where around the World, please take a few minutes to read more.

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"The Video Conference Mantra"

Did you know that 55 percent of communication is determined by nonverbal cues — namely tone of voice and body language?
How many of these important nonverbal details get lost everyday in e-mail exchanges or using the many telephone exchanges?
It is a proven fact that face-to-face communication is more personal, builds a higher level of trust, and reduces confusion making people more accountable for their actions.

Of course, in our daily environments, communicating in person isn’t always possible. But video conferencing can be the next best thing.
Video conferencing is a powerful multimedia tool that allows for natural, face-to-face communications even when people are miles — or continents — apart.

I plan to open that door for Friends, Family, and Business Associates.

What does that mean for you? Many organizations and video users consider video conferencing a key cost reduction tool. The typical customer can reduce travel by 30 percent or more, resulting in significant cost savings.
Cost, however, is only one element of a strategy that can also include increased productivity, environmental responsibility and work/life balance.

It's become increasingly clear that social interactions with content are an important element in the promotion and visibility of that content. Beyond the simple viral nature of Facebook"likes" and Twitter"retweets", they have simply become part of the fabric of the web and discoverability of content, in some cases even more powerful than search. That is why search engines have taken their own interests in these interactions.

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"Video Conferencing"

Video conferencing affects the way that business is conducted across an entire organization. With video, you can interview job candidates remotely, enhance telework programs, get real-time feedback from suppliers straight to the manufacturing floor, record training sessions and CEO messages and much more.

Today, organizations use video for more than just meetings from conference room to conference room. Video can be a very personal experience when people at all levels of an organization can choose the solution appropriate for them and participate in video calls on their schedule.

  • Just a few years ago less than 200 000 people were using VoIP!

  • Today, just in the USA alone, over 10 MILLION people use VoIP

  • All businesses are cutting costs and using VoIP webcast technology to save time and money..

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is here to stay!!

We own the rights to our product, and all source code developed in house by GVO.

We will be coming to market with such a LOW price, no one will be able to refuse our product or this great opportunity!

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"Changing the Way People Communicate"

Video conferencing can deliver immediate benefits to your organization. Not only will you save money and improve productivity, but video can also create a competitive advantage by:

Helping you make decisions faster — Inefficient communication wastes an estimated $297 billion each year in the United States alone.

The time we spend traveling, waiting for materials to arrive or trying unsuccessfully to explain complex issues over e-mail is time that could be better used to bring new products to market or solve customer service issues. Video enables all parties to share ideas, show detailed images and take action more quickly.

Providing immediate access to experts — Sometimes there's just no substitute for an expert. Video enables you to leverage the expertise of a few people across an entire organization without asking them to travel to different locations. Training, translating, consulting and troubleshooting can happen in real time. And, with video streaming and archiving solutions, an experts knowledge can be saved and accessed by anyone at any time.

Bringing the organization together — Multiple offices doesn't have to mean isolated teams. After a global expansion, merger or outsourcing initiative, departments often find themselves stuck in silos, disconnected from project goals and a communal company culture. Video creates a virtual meeting room for collaboration, keeping everyone on the same page.

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Video is the"New Green"

Improving work/life balance — Traveling all day for a two-hour out-of-town meeting means sacrificing family and personal time. Not to mention the added stress of delayed flights and lost luggage. By using video to attend that meeting — or even working from home instead of sitting in rush hour traffic — employees can maintain a balance between work and personal life, save costs and protect the environment.

A one-day worldwide break from commercial air travel would mean sparing the atmosphere approximately 90 million pounds — or 41,000 metric tons — of carbon dioxide emissions. And, that's not to mention the difference that reducing automobile travel and commuting can make. By eliminating unnecessary business travel, video conferencing solutions help organizations become more environmentally responsible while improving their competitive advantage.

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Michael Burton Productions Presents My GVO Conference Web Site

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