The Dream

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Michael Burton Sr. - Richmond, California 1971

It was the dream of a young twentyish me to make a statement. I didn't have a background in or come from this great business oriented family, all I had was the desire.

No one understood, not even me, and to this day I cannot explain why a kid with no background in business wanted one of his own. Hell, I didn't even have anyone to get answers from, but that didn't matter because to me I could be rational with myself, or so it seemed. Today I wouldn't advise anyone to do what I did.

Was I confused? Are you kidding, I knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted a business, and no one could tell me that it was something I couldn't have. So when I finally decided to do it, I did it. Something I'll never regret. The year is 1973. I have a good paying job, a nice apartment with a cool roommate, a good running car, always in the right places with the right people, and all the girl friends a single guy could want, but that wasn't good enough. You see everyone in my circle had that. I wanted something more, something different.

Funkadelic 1973

My mind is made up to do it. To figure out what is the most lucrative type of business that I could involve myself in, and one that would give me more bang for the buck? After many sleepless nights of trying to figure this out I go to the Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, Calif. to see George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic (this is before the mothership), and I knew what it would be, "MUSIC"!!!

Building the business around music at the time seemed far fetched because any dummy could see the type of money one would need. But after seeing that show I would let nothing stop me from making the dream a reality.


Yes the big "R", the insane part of any venture. The pages upon pages of who, what, when, where, why, and how much. The local library had all the information for free, and I spent countless days and nights putting that information together. The light was so bright at the end of the tunnel that I even moved out of my nice apartment into a hotel closer to the library so I wouldn't have to go so far to do my research.

You know what's so funny, I can't sing, I knew no singers, and I didn't sing in the choir, but have always had this tremendous ear for music.

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Michael Burton Sr.

The research is going great, also I'm finding out every person and organization's name in town and the surrounding community that I could safely approach with a package of this type when finished. The few people that knew what I was up to tried to be supportive, but you would eventually find out who was laughing behind your back, friends are really sometimeeee! But it just made me work harder. I think choosing the company name was one of the hardest things to do, I must have went through three(3) dozen choices.

My Presentation!

All the i's have been dotted, all the t's have been crossed, but all I get is someone telling me you can't do this, or you can't do that. One prospect even went so far to tell me that I was to young to tell someone how to make money. This really dampened my spirit.

Back to the drawing board. There was no venture capitalist groups then, and with the banks, I didn't have any type of past business background, and wouldn't qualify anyway. But I kept plugging away.

From an Unlikely Source!

I was invited to make a presentation at a private residence. With the formal stuff over, we get down to business.

My wife and I would like you to answer a few questions regarding some proposed concerts you have planned. A mutual friend has complimented your efforts. The proposal was handed out, they followed along with my presentation. They were impressed, much more then what is covered here, but because of space limitations I'll just touch key points.


How close and are you prepared to do a show, and with what group? Answer:

My research is done, the budget is prepared, and the group is called "Raw Soul".

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Michael Burton & Frankie Beverly


How long before we see a profit Answer:

Thirty days


The financing is put on the table, and the terms are not bad either.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is why I know it will work.

Vivian Elliott - Bus Driver & Merchandise Manager
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Vivian Elliott

Merchandise Manager

Bus Operations & Merchandise Manager

The Business of Bus Operations

Having a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Certificate in the field of Mental Retardation I have always exhibited a curiosity for new adventures.

When I was asked to drive this 40ft. Golden Eagle Turbo Diesel Bus it added to an already impressive list of accomplishments as a single Mother.

When I was offered the Merchandise Management position it inspired me to provide more outstanding customer service skills in selling our t-shirts, jerseys, caps, and cd's to our Concert Customers using my management skills.

Read More Here.......Vivian Elliott


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Frankie Beverly & Michael Burton Sr.

Thank You For Your Visit.

Michael Burton Sr.

Former Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

"Supporters Of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame".


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