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The San Manuel Amphitheater (formerly the Glen Helen Pavilion, Hyundai Pavilion, and the Blockbuster Pavilion)
is a 65,000-seat amphitheater located in the hills of Glen Helen Regional Park
in the neighborhood of Devore in the city of San Bernardino.
It is the largest outdoor amphitheater in the United States.

--- One of the Largest Complete Music Concerts in the State of California! ---

An open letter to any interested parties:

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Michael Burton Productions LLC presents Soul Style Sass & Funk

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Michael Burton Productions LLC presents Soul Style Sass & Funk

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Michael Burton Productions LLC presents Soul Style Sass & Funk

What is "Soul Style Sass & Funk"?

Let's start at the beginning. Over the past 35 plus years I have performed or have done pre or post set-ups in almost every City and State in these United States.

I have been on the ride of my life and enjoying every beautiful moment. I have had the opportunity to be in some of the most beautiful places in the Country, stopping the vehicle just to gaze at the splendor of the land. It was the faces of the crowds of people that heard the music and felt the bands that I will never forget. Seeing those many different colors of faces when they were pleased, and wanting more, I still choke up all these years later trying to describe it. You can read more of my story here, it will open a new window: About Michael Burton Sr..

"Soul Style Sass & Funk" was a concept created many years ago. It became clear with the passing of my best friend McKinley "BUG" Williams of the Soul R&B Band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly that I should follow up on the long talks we had about this event, (I even plan to dedicate this event in his memory). I didn't know how important my contribution to history was until "BUG" passed. McKinley would always find a way to bring this up in our conversions, "No matter what your accumulation in wealth is, your awards or legacy in life comes from what you have contributed to the world not yourself". This was his concern for me, it wasn't until he passed that I really sat down and evaluated my life and what I would do next.

Can "Soul Style Sass & Funk" be compared to Woodstock or Wattstax?

Some will say that this is just a copy of "Woodstock" or "Wattstax", but I will disagree, it is much larger. "Soul Style Sass & Funk" is for a generation that had learned that any musical act had to sing, a generation that had do-wop, and street corner singers that we could hear on any given night singing in harmony without any instruments that would sound so good. My generation had to perform, simple as that may sound, it was not always that easy.

I will not try and describe the many different types of genres as this story progresses, I am going to stick to the story line.

"4 Days of Music, 50 Years of Soul" is just that, an event that will have no boundaries, that will be created by you the consumer, to secure your place in history as co-producer before the music passes on.

"Soul Style Sass & Funk" will be my legacy! The Music will be your gift.

"Soul Style Sass & Funk - 4 Days of Music 50 Years of Soul" is a Concert whereby we will donate to the United States Department of Education $2,000,000.00 for distribution to the Teachers of our Children for a job well done.

An old school concert produced by the general public.

Please continue to read this story to understand what we're going to offer.

Our success is only as good as we make it. As you read on you will see that with preparations, the gross cash potential is only limited by the work we put into it, no fancy pages, just plain black and white:

Service/Sales Provider Items:

"The Big Picture"

Stocks will not do it!
No other small investment can add your name as co-producer!
All you need is an open mind!

Which Featured Artist would be my choice to perform; I will give you an idea of who would complement a really great four days:

These will be include some of the best music makers in my industry.

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Our Awesome Artist Choices!

Herbie Hancock The Mannish Boys Maze
Frankie Beverly
Rick James's
Stone City Band
Patti Austin Joe Louis Walker Mint Condition Hall & Oates
Spyro Gyra Peggy Scott-Adams Babyface Bootsy
Randy Crawford Sir Charles Jones Gladys Knight Canned Heat
Candy Dulfer Mel Waiters Anita Baker Rare Earth
Kim Waters TK Soul Denise Williams Tower of Power
Snarky Puppy Willie Clayton Alexander O'Neal War
Jazz in Pink Gary Allegretto Evelyn
George Clinton
Marcus Miller Karen Wolfe Aretha Franklin Dumpstaphunk
Pam Williams Sheba Potts Wright The Pointer Sisters Morris Day & The Time
Charles LLoyd Avail Hollywood Chaka Kahn Stevie Wonder
Hiroshima Sweet Angel Keith Sweat Sheila E
Euge Groove Pat Brown The Whispers Kool & the Gang
Lee Ritenour John Mayall Jeffrey Osborne The Zapp Band
Robin Duhe Bonnie Raitt Al Green Jesse Johnson

California Music Festivals

Spend your day with Michael Burton Productions, LLC at the largest old school concert in the State of California.

I'm looking for Investors for the largest old school concert in the State of California Production. I can't ask everyone for a large sum of money, but I can ask for a small sum of money which come with some pretty nice perks. In this day and age with all the technology, it's much easier, and GoFundMe gives Michael Burton Productions, LLC that opportunity. Our GoFundMe site for this funding attempt will begin January 2016.
So here's how it works:

We are preparing for video production, an HD - DVD 3 disk production and a Blu-Ray Disk package of the making of "Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk". We know how hard the economy is and realize lots of people are out of work, but I'm asking you to help support this production.

This will be a planned 5 hours of music and will include every aspect of the pre & post production details:

This is not just an R&B show, it's a Music Show. In essence, every act, every label, every agent, will want to get their artist on the show. As a side note, the $14.95 for "Pay-Per-View"; will give us a very large bargaining tool. A night given for each genre (i.e., artistic and musical compositions characterized by a particular style, form, or content) of music, "Jazz, Blues, Rock & Funk".

Labor Day would truly be an unforgettable event.

We have access to it all, which has been collected over the past 40 years of doing pre & post productions for "live" events.

Privacy Policy:

My policy is simple. I will NEVER rent, share, or sell your personal information, and that's a promise.

To support "Soul Style Sass & Funk - 4 Days of Music 50 Years of Soul" click the link to purchase our E-book How to Promote or Produce a Concert , it's just $7.95 and easy to download. Our GoFundMe site for this funding attempt will begin Spring 2017.

--- One of the Largest Complete Music Concerts in the State of California! ---


San Manuel Amphitheater
2575 Glen Helen Pkwy.
Devore, CA 92407
65,000 seats
12.5% of gross
Tax 7.75%
Merchandising 40%
Four Day Event

From Artist
List Above.

Pay Per View will
add an additional
2 - 4 Million Dollars.


Donations To
Non Profit
Organizations - 5%

Healing Musicians in Need Services - 5%

Billable Items - 25%

Michael Burton Production, LLC - 15%

$ 25.00 tickets
x 30,000 people A Day.

$ 35.00 tickets
x 30,000 people for Two Days.

$ 65.00 tickets
x 30,000 people for Three Days.

$ 110.00 tickets
x 30,000 people for Four Days.


Transportation (to and from local hotels)
& Food for Four Days
$ 225.00(each) x 30,000.00

$ 750.000.00

$ 1,050.000.00

$ 1,950.000.00

$ 3,300.000.00

$ 6,750.000.00

$2,000.000.00 FROM

$ 13,800.000.00

And Remember:

We will donate to the United States Department of Education $2,000,000.00 for distribution to the Teachers of our Children for a job well done.

Thank You;

Michael Burton Productions, LLC

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