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Michael Burton Sr.

President & CEO

The Dream

It was the dream of a young twentyish me (so long ago) to make a statement. I didn't have a background in or come from this great business oriented family, all I had was the desire. No one understood, not even me, and to this day I cannot explain why a kid with no background in business wanted one of his own. Hell, I didn't even have anyone to get answers from, but that didn't matter because to me I could be rational with myself, or so it seemed. Today I wouldn't advise anyone to do what I did.

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Vice President - Accounting
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Sharon M. Henderson

Vice President


The Business of Accounting

Accounting, financial analysis and financial modeling are integrated disciplines which a good financial analyst should be familiar with. In particular, it is important that a sound knowledge of fundamental accounting principles and accounting terms is had to ensure a common basis and language for understanding, intepretating and analyzing financial statements and financial model results. You can say I take Accounting very serious. We don't want any negative press reports about your money matters.

Over 10,000 financial professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors from many countries have benefited.

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Vice President - Events & Planning
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Lana Smith

Vice President

Events & Planning

The Business of Music

My position has to be precise. I must at all time stay focused on all phases of the industry. A misquoted figure can have a negative impact on all concerned. You can say I take Events & Planning very serious. We don't want any negative press reports about your money matters.

When it comes to Events & Planning, we sit down with our clients and focus on not just the first few months, but we look at the first few years, although you're able to leave us at any time, so you can have a vision on how our campaign will give you more presence. You might say we're in-it for the long haul. It is important that we make everything about you have some very positive exposure all around.

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Vivian Elliott - Bus Driver & Merchandise Manager
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Vivian Elliott

Merchandise Manager

Bus Operations & Merchandise Manager

The Business of Bus Operations

Having a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Certificate in the field of Mental Retardation I have always exhibited a curiosity for new adventures.

When I was asked to drive this 40ft. Golden Eagle Turbo Diesel Bus it added to an already impressive list of accomplishments as a single Mother.

When I was offered the Merchandise Management position it inspired me to provide more outstanding customer service skills in selling our t-shirts, jerseys, caps, and cd's to our Concert Customers using my management skills.

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