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"Win a Trip to "Fabulous Las Vegas, NV."

This is how it works. During our Pre Production, that is when we come into yours or any city, during the start of advertising on the radio, the spot will ask everyone planning to attend the concert to log onto our website and register for a chance to visit "Fabulous Las Vegas, NV.", this is the page for you to do that.

There are a number of couples in your Beautiful City that would love to try their luck, well I'm giving you a shot at it.

All you have to do is call my 900# and register. This will take approximately 3 minutes on average. We call it an exotic vacation, you know you need one and we're going to give you a chance to win one.

The 900# for you to call is: 1-900-123-xxxx. Coming Soon

You will spend approximately 3 minutes here. Listen to the directions, it is a very detailed description on what has to be done. Simple and to the point.

The total amount for the call, depending on whether you go back into the menu is approximately $15.00. You spend that much on junk weekly. I've made it easy.

I'm giving the tickets away, all you have to do is try and win.

"Fabulous Las Vegas, NV.", for a $15.00 wager. Figure the odds?

For those of you that just refuse to use that 900#, we love you to. The form below is made just for you, of course it will be nothing like "Fabulous Las Vegas, NV.", but we want you to have a chance at winning something. So, as we call the winners of the "Fabulous Las Vegas, NV.", weekend during intermission, we will also call the "FORM WINNERS". For 50 finalist couples we're going to give 25 small Thomas Blackshear Ne'Qwa Hanging Ornament w/Stand.

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"The Water Hyacinth infestation"!

Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta.

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Author: Michael Burton Sr.
Release Date: 2012

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We will have no control over the outcome. The received submitted totals and winners will be picked by an outside Accounting Firm.

Step 1: Please complete this contest entry form and then click Submit ONLY ONCE.

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Address 2:
State: (US & Canada only)
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One entry per email address. Multiple email entries disqualifies you. You must be 21 years of age.

I hereby certify that the information I am about to submit is true, and that I am the sole copyright owner.  I am entering this contest as an honest and true effort of my personal creativity and unique vision, and I understand that it will be published on the Internet if I'm selected as a winner and under my own copyright.

**Note: I hate spam just as much as you do, so I'll never sell, rent or abuse your email address at anytime.

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