As the original Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, I welcome you. (I'm still doing music). I was chosen to handle Stage, Technicals and Logistics in January 1976. It's a great story that will entertain you. Enjoy.

I've made a few changes for everyone who hates to scroll thru a page to read all the content and just want to pick what interest them. All items within this page allows you to go directly to any topic just by clicking on any link below, or just do it the old way and scroll, then you just use the top of page link above each subject line and it will return you here. I tired to make it easier.


My George Clinton Connection - Thanks Parliment - Funkadelic!!

The Dream! Research! My Presentation! From an Unlikely Source!

Meeting the BAND I would spend years with - Maze featuring Frankie Beverly! The Tour! The First Album! Logistics - Preparing!

The Second Album! Never Forget! My Related Achievements!

My First Blues Album - Arthur Adams! My First Gospel Album - Rejoice! Michael Burton Sr. Music History Timeline! Vote Maze featuring Frankie Beverly into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

My Best Friend - McKinley 'Bug' Williams percussionist for the Soul and R&B band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly has died.!

My Mentor Harvey Fuqua Dies in Detroit, Michigan!


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"The "Whole" Story Behind The Music"

Frankie Beverly & Michael Burton in Las Vegas
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The Dream!

It was the dream of a young twentyish me (so long ago) to make a statement.

I didn't have a background in or come from this great business oriented family, all I had was the desire. No one understood, not even me, and to this day I cannot explain why a kid with no background in business wanted one of his own. Hell, I didn't even have anyone to get answers from, but that didn't matter because to me I could be rational with myself, or so it seemed. Today I wouldn't advise anyone to do what I did.

Was I confused? Are you kidding, I knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted a business, and no one could tell me that it was something I couldn't have. So when I finally decided to do it, I did it. Something I'll never regret. The year is 1973. I have a good paying job, a nice apartment, a good running car, always in the right places with the right people, and all the girl friends a single guy could want(my favorite was Celestine "peewee" Crawford), but that wasn't good enough. You see everyone in my circle had that. I wanted something more, something different.

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My George Clinton - Parliment - Funkadelic Connection - Thank You George!

My mind is made up to do it.

To figure out what is the most lucrative type of business that I could involve myself in that would give me more bang for the buck?

After many sleepless nights of trying to figure this out my friend and I go to the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, Calif. to see George Clinton Parliament-Funkadelic. The theater held about 3000 and if the lines of folks proved anything it was sold out, as every seat was filled.

I saw the line, then heard the music, saw the faces of the party, and I knew. MUSIC!!!

To say it was the most memorable event I've ever seen, would be a understatement. As the "Director"; Clinton would weave a musical journey through my mind with ups, downs, and every way in between, I loved every minute of it (I even had a chance to meet him), and I still follow the music more than forty years later.

In 2014 I would join his fund raising project for some new funk:

How Late Do U Have 2BB4UR Absent?

George Clinton Presents The P-Funk All Stars
"Click to Enlarge"

George Clinton Presents The P-Funk All Stars
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George Clinton Presents The P-Funk All Stars
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But building the business around music at the time seemed far fetched because any dummy could see the type of money one would need. But after seeing that show I would let nothing stop me from making the dream a reality.

This even lead to my traveling to Hollywood to visit the headquarters of George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic.

Putting ideas into play, I talked to their management about doing a Parliament-Funkadelic Documentary.

If my memory serves me, I spoke with Phil, he told me "naaa", it wouldn't work.

Lets jump a year or two later. On a flight from New York to San Diego, we had played Philly then New York with George, Bootsy, and "The Mothership".

We were headed to a party given by Capitol Records for the 'Maze featuring Frankie Beverly' album going gold, and guess who was on the flight, yep, that same Phil.

Asking Frankie where did he find me, telling him the story about our first meeting, and that if he had listened to me he would me a millionaire. I felt larger than large. Good Memory, among many.

Again; Thank You Dr. George Clinton!

George Clinton - Parliment Funkedelic 1973
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Dr. George Clinton
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Yes the big "R", the insane part of any venture.

The pages upon pages of who, what, when, where, why, and how much. The local library had all the information for free, and I spent countless days and nights putting that information together. The light was so bright at the end of the tunnel that I even moved out of my nice apartment into a hotel closer to the library so I wouldn't have to go so far to do my research. You know what's funny, I can't sing, I knew no singers, and I didn't sing in the choir, but have always had this tremendous ear for music. The research is going great, also I'm finding out every person and organization's name in town and the surrounding community that I could safely approach with a package of this type when finished. The few people that knew what I was up to tried to be supportive, but you would eventually find out who was laughing behind your back, friends are really sometimeeee! But it just made me work harder. I think choosing the company name was one of the hardest things to do, I must have went through three(3) dozen choices.

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My Presentation!

All the i's have been dotted, all the t's have been crossed, but all I get is someone telling me you can't do this, or you can't do that.

One prospect even went so far to tell me that I was to young to tell someone how to make money. This really dampened my spirit. Back to the drawing board. There was no venture capitalist groups then, and with the banks, I didn't have any type of past business background, and wouldn't qualify anyway. But I kept plugging away.

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From an Unlikely Source!

Invited to make a presentation at a private residence.

With the formal stuff over, we get down to business. My wife and I would like you to answer a few questions regarding some proposed concerts you have planned. A mutual friend has complimented your efforts. The proposal was handed out, they followed along with my presentation. They were impressed, much more then what's covered here, but because of your time, I'll just touch key points.


Answer: Question: Answer:

DONE DEAL. The financing is put on the table. The terms are not bad either.

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Meeting the BAND I would spend years with.

Raw Soul was a group that was playing at our local community college(Contra Costa College, San Pablo, Calif.). When I first heard about the band, each person described the music in a different way. But it was always about how this band could sure get down. Was it more than one group? I had to find out. I went to see for my self. What I found was that everyone described how the music made them feel, whether they were dancing, or just listening. I stayed and listened, and really enjoyed myself.

The music just had that raw flavor, that captured the inner feeling that makes you enjoy. The guys in the Band performed flawlessly, and that Frankie Beverly sure could sing. Yep, thats right Frankie Beverly.

Immediately I introduced myself to the band, and what followed would launch the music career that I had been working toward. Frankie was pretty cool at that time, sorta laid back, devoted to his music, and like I said the boy could sing. This was my first association with any type of band and its music. A strange sort these musicians, you wouldn't think a voice needed that much attention. Show you what I knew.

Frankie liked my approach and agreed to do a number of shows that I would produce if the money was right. I put the needed information together, got me a swat type van for the bands equipment and hit the road. We played shows in every city that I could book a small room. I would use local bands for an opening act. They would play for me like this for almost a year. Frankie was also in search of that record company break, we both had that dream but Frankie was way ahead of anything I was doing. Frankie booked a gig at a club in San Francisco called the Scene, where a beautiful young lady that we would come to know as Cass saw the guys playing. She would tell Jan, her sister, who was the wife of Marvin Gaye. You've read Maze featuring Frankie Beverly's press releases. Add my sentence. A Major Success Story Was Born.

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The Tour

To be considered was overwhelming, to be ask to carry out the duties of Stage Manager for the Band, was out of this world. The company I had started was put on hold while I experienced the road. Yes I was pleased at what I had accomplished. Some unfinished business had to be wrapped up before leaving. I had just finished recording my first Gospel Album "Rejoice, Voices of St. Johns Baptist Church of Richmond, Calif. with noted Motown Producer Harvey Fuqua and saw this as a way to distribute the albums to record stations nationwide. This was perfect timing.

Additionally, Frankie would hire two more people for the road, Michael Lowry as Light Director, and Vernon Jones as Road Manager.

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The First Album

We go into the studio as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly recording the album of the same name. You know the one, Happy Feelings, While I'm Alone, Lady of Magic, Look at California, Color Blind, You, and Time Is On My Side.

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Listen to RealAudio clips of the band. To get the RealAudio plugin for your browser go to the download page and follow instructions. Happy listening!
Happy Feelings

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Logistics - Preparing

Add the necessary logistics, itinerary, incidentals, and we head for the road. The date May 1976. To see our Country, listen to good music, and get paid for it, "THRILLING" is the best way to describe what being on the road was like. The feeling, all these years later is still etched in the monolith of my soul. City after city, state after state, east coast, west coast, the south, the north, and in-between. For this to be occurring was indeed a dream come true. We kicked ASS all over the country.

We arrive back home in, I think, September, It taken me a full month to unwind. By the way the album went gold before we made it home. We had worked hard for that accomplishment. The bells and whistles were going off at Capital Records, and by all accounts Frankie was pleased. He had rocked the establishment. He and the Band were getting their just rewards. For us guys, being associated with the baddest band in the country made us realize just how fortunate we really were.

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The Second Album

Golden Time of Day

We prepare to do the second album. Frankie decides to record the album in Golden Colorado. So I get the equipment ready and head there. For two years in rehearsals and on stage I had listened to the band play the music that Frankie is so well known for now. But with the new album was I in store for what the future was about to be like. Golden Time of Day would capture the masses with seven of the most beautifully composed songs ever heard. Those songs Travelin' Man, Song For My Mother, Your Not The Same, Workin' Together, Golden Time Of Day, I Wish You Well, and I Need You would catapult the band to superstar status.

Golden Time of Day

Listen to RealAudio clips of the band. To get the RealAudio plugin for your browser go to the download page and follow instructions. Happy listening!
Golden Time of Day

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Never Forget

I was along for the ride of my life and enjoying every beautiful moment. I have had the opportunity to be in some of the most beautiful places in the Country, stopping the vehicle just to gaze at the splendor of the land. It was the faces of the crowds of people that heard the music and felt the band that I will never forget, and seeing those many different colors of faces when they were pleased, and wanting more, I still choke up all these years later trying to describe.

I was a witness to History ( his - story ). All because of a guy named Frankie, with a band called Maze . Thanks Frankie Beverly for the experience!

What is all of this for?

Well, although I've thank him on numerous occasions, this is MY STORY.

Being a part of history has been exciting. Something that no-one can take away.

Over the years with their successes, people who knew that I had been a part of the Band have wanted me to say something negative about the GUYS!

These were my friends. They had given me the opportunity to see what other people only dream of. Everything changes, but friends stay friends. I give the guy all the respect in the world. He stayed true to his commitment.

Enjoy the Music. I Still Do.

Michael Burton Sr.

The original Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

Hold your mouse over an image, click to view, click to release, enjoy.

"Lets Take It To The Stage"

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My Best Friend - McKinley 'Bug' Williams!

click an image to enlarge

McKinley Williams & Michael Burton Sr. in Atlanta @ Gladys Knight - Ron Winans Chicken & Waffles
Reflecting on the passing of McKinley Bug Williams, longtime percussionist for the Soul and R&B band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Michael Burton Sr. & McKinley 'Bug' Williams - San Dimas, Calif. 7/17/2011

My Best Friend, McKinley "Bug" Williams of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly has passed. He will be missed.

McKinley "Bug" Williams I Wanna Thank You for all the years of beautiful Music, Happiness, and Friendship.

Rest In Peace my Best Friend.

McKinley "Bug" Williams, died Sept. 2, 2011 in Chattanooga, TN. he was 65. My prayers go out to the Family.

You can read more at this link:
McKinley "Bug" Williams, longtime percussionist for the Soul and R&B band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, has died.
Williams was a lifelong friend of group leader Frankie Beverly
and was there at the inception of the group when Beverly transitioned Maze out of a group called the Butlers.

This has been a pretty good year so far. I've been able to stay pretty busy. Having an office on both coasts has helped me tremendously.

On April 29th I had a very great pleasure of hanging out with Maze once again ( I promise not to continually bore you with concert data ), but this time in Macon, GA.

Michael Burton Sr. & Frankie Beverly in Macon, GA. 4/29/07 McKinley Williams & Michael Burton Sr. in Macon, GA. 4/29/07 Frankie Beverly in Macon, GA. 4/29/07

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My Related Achievements!

Michael Burton (dba) Genesis 1 Productions, Inc. was established in 1974 in Richmond, Calif., its original concept was to provide musical entertainment for stage shows in night clubs, but quickly saw a brighter light.

Developing stage shows and tours while working along with Harvey Fuqua of Greater Bay Area Production & Development (HONEY RECORDS) of Oakland, Calif., a former Director of Artist Development for Motown Records. I was able to learn what it would take to live the life in the Industry. Of course this is what I wanted and took it in like like a sponge sucks water.

I shuffled between my Production Company, "Genesis 1", and worked along-side Harvey as the recordings at Fantasy Records was completed. He is noted for being one the key figures in the development of the Motown label in Detroit, Michigan: his doo-wop group The Moonglows gave Marvin Gaye his start in his career, and he later became a songwriter and executive at Motown. I learned from one of the best. Was it a blast.

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Harvey Fuqua Dies in Detroit

Harvey Fuqua, died July 7, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan. Fuqua was 80. My prayers go out to the Family.

Harvey Fuqua dies in Detroit, Michigan.

Harvey Fuqua In The Day

In February 2000 The Moonglows are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I remember the music, do you? Congratulations.

The Moonglows on WikipediaThe Moonglows were an American R&B and doo-wop group based in Cleveland, Ohio from 1951 - 1972.

Listen to & purchase all the tunes of The Moonglows on my Amazon Store link!

The Best of The Moonglows! Most of All! Blue Velvet!
Their Greatest Hits! Harvey & The Moonglows 2000! Goodnight Sweetheart!

Click an image below to see a larger view.

Use your Back Button to return to this page.

You can goto Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and search for any of The Crooners, the Big Bands, the Legends and Pop Singers that defined the most memorable moments of our lives. They are all here to choose from.

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Of this working collaboration came two albums buy the noted singer "Sylvester", who died of AIDS in 1988.

Sylvester songs profit local AIDS agencies 21 years after his death. "A Great Sylvester James Story".

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Arthur Adams

This association produced two more albums: Blues Artist Arthur Adams' "Midnight Serenade".

Blues Artist Arthur Adams

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"Rejoice" - Voices of St. Johns Baptist Church of Richmond, California.

and my first Gospel album "Rejoice", Voices of St. Johns Baptist Church of Richmond, Calif. A very uplifting experience. I just want to thank you "Harvey Fuqua" for all the teaching. I've learned well. Click on the rear cover and find my name.

Front Cover Rejoice - Voices of St. Johns Baptist Church, Richmond, Calif. Rear Cover Rejoice - Voices of St. Johns Baptist Church, Richmond, Calif.

While in Tampa, Florida, I found a copy of this album, AMAZING. Remember it was done in 1977. Excellent Gospel Music these many years later.

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"My Time Line

In August 1975 the company sponsored its first major concert featuring Soul Train recording artist "The Whispers". On the same show was an up an coming band called "Raw Soul" that I had promoted in a number of shows all around northern California. The band was "awesome" and I found my niche. Brought me an old swat van and Took it To The Stage.

By the way, the band featured the talents of lead vocalist Frankie Beverly. Signing a recording contract with Capitol Records and changing its name to "Maze featuring Frankie Beverly", a major success story was born.

In January 1976 I was chosen to handle stage and technicals. We headed into the studio and recorded the classic album on the Capitol Records label "Maze featuring Frankie Beverly", an extensive six(6) month nationwide tour followed with the album going gold in six months.

The 1977 year was a pivotal one for both the band and Michael Burton. The next album "Golden Time of Day" was of the times and the masses were ready. As stage manager Michael Burton demonstrated with ease how to handle logistics.

In April 1978 after leaving the Band, I was given top honors in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area music circles as local boy does good. This opened the door to a variety of offers which included audio/video and film productions for advertising agencies, public relation firms and private industry. I was also able to design and implement marketing strategies, public relation activities which included advertising campaigns. We stepped behind the scenes as we became even more dedicated serving this part of the industry for nine years.

In 1989 Las Vegas was the next move where I continued to provide audio/video and concert/stage production services which contributed advertising, marketing and musical entertainment services to the industry to a degree. The future of my services is without a doubt a highly profitable one. A service oriented highly motivated person with vast experience, ultimate diversity and a higher potential for unlimited growth.

In February 1995, after 5 years of gaming service I relocated to Buena Park, Calif., I added to my resume' by taking a web design course, evident here.

September 1997, I head back to Las Vegas. Missed It. I am, with this website planning to tackle the stage once more. Another concert? The possibility looks good. Its just so many things left to do. But I have started.

Chillin' in Belize 1998 - 2006, Pre & Post Productions for many of the "Headline Acts" arriving in Las Vegas.

I have an opportunity to take it back to the stage. Instead of doing pre & post productions for the major promotion houses, I'm receiving more and more feedback from artist to go it alone.

The monetary percentage has increased, which means my small percentage per show for pre & post productions has increased enormously, I owe no one. I have delivered some of the top money grossing artist & acts in the Las Vegas area over the past 18 years. Now the light is brighter, and I feel it's time.

2007 - I choose to leave Las Vegas for a much needed vacation/rest. I toured the United States without a band or crew, just me and the Bus.

(a 625kb file, no viruses, no malware or spyware - I Promise)
Michael Burton Productions Tour Coach

I visit as many States & Cities as I can. Six months or longer I travel. At the time it was a much needed break.

You know the South has some beautiful sites, and some interesting places.

2008 - Music is what I do, so in the end the East Coast, particularly South Carolina is where I kinda pulled over and parked, looked around & found a beautiful old style colonial place to be used as my home/office, to Take It To The Stage.

Las Vegas has served me for many years, and although I still will use it for West Coast productions, keeping my home/office, South Carolina, specifically Columbia, will serve as Michael Burton Productions' East Coast operations.

We can satisfy any and all commitments.

2009 - My first book, How to Promote or Produce a Concert.

2010 - 2012

I've done everything for everyone else myself, and I can't give up as I continue to provide Concert Production services, using my own designed marketing as I continue to search for funding outside this industry. With many shows still in me, I decided to see if some "Angel Investor" would be interested in participating in one of my many shows or productions.

I have been putting on concerts for over 40 years. "I shy away from the aggressive, heavy stuff". We target a slightly older demographic.

Let's Take It To The Stage.

Want to promote or participate in a Concert Productions;
Are you fed up having lots of money and being bored?
Are you Country & Resort jumping with no satisfaction?
Are you ready for a Life Changing situation, something you can be proud of, and without stress?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, continue to read.

Stocks will not do it!
No other Investment can give a ROI like this!
All you need is an open mind, and be ready to experience the Road!
Don't let anyone make you think the ROI's come any faster!
And for as long as you want, you're along for the ride of your life, and enjoying it.
I have worked in the Entertainment Industry for over forty years, and now I see that the knowledge which I had to gather for years is accessible to anyone at a single mouse-click!

This is not MLM;

These are not empty promises;
And I think it's better than REAL ESTATE!
All it takes is your time and your Investment!
I guess the most important thing to remember is that I'll be working for you.

What's This About?

Invest $75,000.00 on the 31st of the month and thirty(30) days later your bank account will show receipt of double your money, or;

$ 75,000.00 for first show;
$ 75,000.00 for second show;
$ 75,000.00 for the third show;
$ 75,000.00 for the forth show;
$ 75,000.00 for the fifth show;
$ 75,000.00 for the sixth show;
$ 75,000.00 for the seventh show;
$ 75,000.00 for the eighth show.


Then to prepare for the next larger money concert!

We roll $100,000.00 of that over into the next larger show where we can expect a gross of $300,000.00.

It's such a thrill, who knows, after the first show, you might want to go it alone.
But for as long as you want, you're along for the ride of your life, and enjoying it.

Promoters across the Country double and triple Investor Monies every week. This is nothing new.

We can directly access ALL types of entertainers from our huge database which has been collected over the last 40+ years of doing pre & post productions for 'live' events.

It does not matter what type of music you prefer. It's about whatever is hot. R&B, Blues, Jazz, Country, Pop, or Rock, we go where the money is.

It WILL change your life, and you will enjoy every minute on the ROAD. GUARANTEED!

I'm EASY to understand;
I give step-by-step information;
No previous experience needed;
I'm easy to follow even for total newbie's.

I will teach you all about venue selections, advertising, venue capacity, selecting/choosing your particular acts, ticket prices, hotel rooms, local ground, backline, venue sound & lighting, catering, sound and light production, indoor and outdoor staging, and all miscellaneous problems including the responsibility of booking the bands, marketing the concert, and the financial gain of the event.

Considering an individual's role, this refers to the person coordinating all the staff and equipment necessary to make a concert happen; you will also learn to monitor the schedule, pay the staff, act as a hub for communication between team members, and generally make sure the event runs smoothly. This position is best filled by a person with good organizational skills, a diplomatic demeanor, and plenty of charisma.

Serious Inquires Only:

A $10,000.00 finders fee will be offered to anyone bringing a potential Investor to the table.

Let's Take It To The Stage.

Thank You For Your Visit.

Michael Burton Sr.

Former Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

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