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We welcome you to "Michael Burton Productions, LLC" booking and/or Jazz Club Sponsorship Tour for Michel Bénébig.

On September 9th, 2017 we presented our presentation to:

Todd Sherstad
Marriott International
Director, Convention & Resort Network

We Cc'd: Tom Shaw and Shannon Sanchez.

Our goal was to produce 38 events at the Marriott's Convention & Resorts Network across the Country.

Do you have a National Marriott Sales Representative to help you with your search?

If not, please let me know and I can get someone to assist you.

We are older jazz lovers and don't like looking for a jazz club somewhere in a city, but I will go to any Marriott Property, have dinner, and watch a good show.

We are still waiting on a reply.

To the Jazz Club Bookers, The Connoisseurs of Real Good Jazz, our Friends on Social Media, Michael Burton Productions, LLC knows it has to be good.

We're getting the word out, 60 days, 38 events, Michel Bénébig Jazz USA.

Recognized as one of the world's leading Soul-Jazz organist; Michel Benebig and Michael Burton Productions, LLC have been in discussions since March 2017 on what it would take to get him to the United States in 2019.

Sure I could bring him over for one or two shows, but it would not be as profitable, the fight alone is $15,000.00. So I instead explained the benefits of 60 Days - 38 Events after I did the logistics.

I came up with the site "The Michel Benebig Jazz Group" introduction to those that have not had the pleasure of hearing this Hammond Soul-Jazz organist on previous visits to the US.

We were expecting one of our Angel Investors to pick the events up but have not heard from anyone (BUMMER).

Michel Benebig has reviewed the paperwork and has agreed in principal to our layout of 38 Events at the Marriott Convention & Resort Networks across the United States.

If you would like a copy send me your email address at this link and I'll get the document right over (only serious inquires only please).

"Request Your Document Here"
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Michel Bénébig will be releasing his new CD on November 28, 2018. Called "SHUFFLE" it recalls the Hammond B3 Organ sound, get a sneak peak at the following link......

Produced by Roger Manins and Ron Samsom.

"Michel Bénébig - Hammond Organ - Jazz & Blues Organist"

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Michel Bénébig & Carl Lockett

Michel Bénébig was born in Noumea, New Caledonia - South-Pacific in June 27, 1964.

Michel started played bass-guitar, accordion and keyboards in dance bands at age 11. He studied classical piano from 16 to 26 years old, at the Noumea Music-School (ETM), then in France (C.N.R de Besancon from 1990 to 1992).

Michel started playing the B3 Hammond Organ in June 1992, as a self-taught musician, he taught himself how to play foot-pedal bass and Jazz - Organ techniques.

Michel Bénébig met the greatest Jazz & Blues organists like: Jimmy McGriff ( Atlanta - Georgia USA ) in February 1995 and the legendary and 'Incredible' Jimmy Smith ( Oakland - California USA ) in January 1996, Rhoda Scott ( Nouméa to New Calédonia ) in May 1996.

Michel Bénébig is an awesome Hammond organ player. It's not hard to see why guys like Jimmy Smith were happy to hang out with him, or that Tony Monaco considers him a close personal friend. Not only can this guy play, but he really is one hell of a nice person. Michel has met the masters and learned straight from the source.

His authentic B3 groove journey didn't start in East Philly, but in tropical Noumea; a South Pacific Island. After honing his craft he travelled widely and in consequence his star steadily rises. The more North American audiences hear him, the more they embrace him. He is now regarded as a B3 master. The B3 greats who inspired him are all but departed and he deservedly steps into their shoes. His travels in the USA have brought him into frequent contact with a number of well-known musicians. As good musicianship and a pleasant disposition are the highest recommendations possible, the musicians he worked with recommended him to others. That is how he teamed up with Carl Lockett (pictured on this page).

Michel Bénébig is a professional Jazz & Blues organist, founder of the "AMJ-BECA" composer and band leader.

Whether celebrating the natural beauty of his native New Caledonia or the grittier beauty of American soul-jazz, organist Michel Bénébig captures the mood and the moment perfectly.

Picture the modern jazz organist and you might imagine someone from the gritty urban streets of Philadelphia. In fact, many of the most famous were born there: Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Charles Earland, Shirley Scott, and Joey DeFrancesco to name a few. These artists are among those who influenced Michel Bénébig, who hails from a location as distant from The City of Brotherly Love; the elongated, 7,000 square mile island country of New Calédonia, which lies in the southwest Pacific approximately 1,000 miles east-northeast of Australia. Home to nearly 225,000 residents, New Calédonia seems an improbable place to find a 310-pound Hammond B-3, its bulky pedal board (watch out for those sharp edges!), and the required 150-pound Leslie 122 speaker cabinet. But find them and loads of jazz organ records Michel did. In spite of his separation from the birth of jazz and its most famous organists, Michel has devoted himself to mastering the styles of those aforementioned artists, plus his other Hammond-playing heroes: Jack McDuff, Rhoda Scott, Wild Bill Davis, Richard "Groove" Holmes, and Dr. Lonnie Smith. Indeed, Michel does his Hammond gods proud, soloing oh-so-sweetly and passionately, solidly kicking ever-evolving and intricate bass lines, and smoothly chomping on this gorgeous collection of seven original songs either he or his wife Shem composed.

With many awards over the years Michel Bénébig still captures the audience with his pure jazz pressence, and I invite you to enjoy the music as much as I do.

Michel Bénébig will fill your event seats.

An Article by Los Angeles Jazz Scene Writer "Scott Yanow":

Michel BENEBIG ‘Nouméa to New York’ April 2017 by Scott Yanow ‘L.A Jazz Scene’

Michel Bénébig on Social Media:

Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director New Caledonia FaceBook Music Page -- Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director New Caledonia - FaceBook Music Page!

Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director New Caledonia InstaGram Page -- Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director New Caledonia - InstaGram Page!

Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director New Caledonia Twitter Page -- Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director New Caledonia - Twitter Page!

Jazz & Blues Hammond Organist Michel Benebig - Discographie Page -- Jazz & Blues Organist, Composer, Music Teacher & Artistic Director - Discographie Page!

Michael Burton Productions, LLC & The USA Team on The Jazz Club Circuit:

Michael Burton Productions, LLC USA Jazz Club Links

Michael Burton Productions, LLC Sponsorship Outline: (LINK ACCESS COMING SOON)

Michael Burton Productions, LLC Sponsorship Outline

Listen to Michel Bénébig

"Michel Bénébig on The Hammond Organ & Other Tid-Bits"

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Michel Bénébig on Baixar Musicas Tube Michel Bénébig on musicMe Michel Bénébig mp3's Download Michel Bénébig mp3's

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"A Michel Bénébig Jazz Perspective!"


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Carl Lockett

A well-seasoned, phenomenal, authentic, original master groove artist; expresses an extraordinary musical technique that mesmerizes all that hear him.

Carl Lockett is a San Francisco Bay Area legend. A musical child prodigy, Carl started out as a drummer, then went to tho guitar. By the age of 14, he was playing gigs around the San Francisco Bay Area, even opening for the legendary Redd Foxx's comedy shows. For over 4 decades, he has made a name for himself in the music industry.

Eternally youthful, and upbeat, he still wears his passion for music on his sleeve. At his live shcws, if you watch closely, you'll often see him break into a big grin, the music just gives him that much joy.
The musical technique he employs is spellbinding, absolutely captivating, and reveals why he has audiences standing on their feet. Lockett’s music has been described as “the most exciting, exhilarating musical ride ever, at the same time wrapping one in the most luxurious, warm sounds, as if riding in a plush limousine”. This demonstrates his ability to absolutely captivate and mesmerize an audience.

Carl has played live, and on studio alburns with Chuck Mangione, Randy Crawford, Jimmy Smith, Joey DeFrancesco, Hank Crawford, Jimmy McGriff, Plaz Johnson, Rhoda Scott, Tammy Terrell, Esther Phillips, The Platters, The Ink Spots, Big Mama Thornton, Jackie Wilson, The Drifters, Papa John Creach, Brook Benton, Dakota Staton, The Coasters, Bill Summers, David Ruffin, Michel Bénébig, The Whispers Rhythm Section, and Sargent Tucker.

His complete mastery of his instrument and his class and talent, has had him in diverse settings, ranging from a perfect third in a traditional organ trio (Touring with Jimmy McGriff, and Jimmy Smith), to sitting in for Jerry Garcia.

In the past he has played the North Sea, Montreaux, & Monterey Jazz Festivals, all three Blue Note Clubs in Japan and the 1980 Winter Olympics. His impressive career includes a motion picture role as a nightclub band member in the Academy Award Norminated Peggy Sue Got Married and an appearence on The Tonight Show performing with Chuck Mangione.

His soundtrack work includes performing on The Twilight Zone with Merl Saunders, and Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds. He played the 2007 Monterey Jazz festival with Joey DeFrancesco, and played notable gigs with Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith, and Akiko Tsuruga.

Lockett can groove you, he can smooth jazz you, he can hard rock you, and he can lullaby you. He is an impressive musician who, once seen and heard, demonstrates his genuine talent and his remarkable ability to lift an audience and take their breath away.

Carl Lockett's Music Credits:
Carl Lockett Music Credits on Discogs
Social Media:
Carl Lockett Music Page

Listen to Carl Lockett

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Michel Bénébig
Thank You For Visiting.

As we prepare for our 2019 series of shows, Michael Burton Productions, LLC once again would like to involve all of our Social Media Family in this continuing process. Oh sure one might say that it's all the same in the production, but I tend to disagree. This will be like working the trenches once again in these first number of shows. All of the Auditoriums, Stadiums, and Performing Arts Centers that I have created some type of production in over the years, can't match the hands-on degree of what this show will represent; and to those that understand, I hope you come out to grade me on this production and "LET'S TAKE IT TO THE STAGE".

You have met Michel Bénébig, this is only the beginning. For the Jazz Group to tour the United States bringing you their music with our hard work would be a dream come true; it has begun.

I want to thank my Team and all the crew and event personnel that are added for each Event for their support.

To the Jazz Club Owners and the connoisseurs of real good jazz, that's where you come in as does our Friends on Social Media, Michael Burton Productions, LLC knows it has to be good.

I will close by saying, our opportunities are only as good as we make them. You; the fans are going to determine how far we can take this. We will strive to bring you the best at all times. We will not compromise by staging anything but the best show possible. Jazz is hard to play but good players make it look easy, but like anything else, the earlier you start learning how to improvise and the longer you do it, the easier it gets and the better you become (just like reading, sports, etc.).

Our Social Media Sites!

Michael Burton Productions, LLC Music Page Michael Burton Productions, LLC on LinkedIn Michael Burton Productions, LLC on Twitter Michael Burton Productions, LLC on YouTube
You can read more of the Michael Burton Productions, LLC's Story Here, it will open a new page!

This web page has not been indexed/published by any search engine, it is private for the use of those involved. It is only to show how Michael Burton Productions, LLC engages itself in every promotional and/or production offer and the details needed to make it happen.
These documents and any attachments may contain privileged and/or confidential information and are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed. These documents have not been encrypted. Any distribution, use, or copying of these documents or the information they contain by anyone other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited.

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The Original Maze featuring Frankie Beverly Stage Manager

I will be booking jazz venues in and around your City & State, please watch for the “Michel Bénébig Group”.

"Shuffle will be released November 2018!"

Produced by Roger Manins and Ron Samsom Recorded and mixed by Jordan Stone at Roundhead Studios, May 24, 25, Oct 22, 2016 - Mastered by Michael Lynch at Shoehorse Sound - Design by UnkleFranc - Printing by Studio Q - This album was made with support from University of Auckland (NZ)
Buy Here:

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"Buy Michel Bénébig Music On Amazon!"

Michel Bénébig - Nouméa To New York 2015 Michel Bénébig - Yellow Purple 2016 Michel Bénébig Available online at:

At Amazon Unites States

In 2016 Michel Bénébig had the pleasure of working with 'Bernies Music Land' Melbourne Australia and out of this collaboration came "LIVE AT BERNIES", and I would suggest that you avid Hammond B3 Organ jazz/blues lovers go pick a copy up.

Michel Bénébig - Live At Bernies 2016

Buy Link Will Be Added This Week!

See more of Michel Bénébig's Music:
Michel Bénébig Music Credits

"The Michel Bénébig Jazz Group Will Be Successful - Nationwide"!

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Serious Inquires Only Please!

Once we receive your request I will email our standard Contract/Rider (stage requirements, room requirements, arrival times-date, etc.).

When completed, you will be re-directed to the Carl Lockett - Michel Bénébig Amazon or iTunes stores for their individual Mp3's.

Please support our new venture.

Thank you;

Michael Burton Productions, LLC.

I hate spam just as much as you do, I will never sell, give away, or do anything with your email addresses other than send you emails from our Events.

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Please Help Support & Keep Live Music "LIVE"!

We understand that most of our friends are spread out over the United States and will not be able to attend our events, however, if you would like supporting live music so that those who wish to go out and hear a band or a singer, have an opportunity to do so, fill free to donate to our PayPal Account and help us keep doing what we do. I have great friends that would like this I'm sure. Just click this link and you can do just that, and you can give what you want.

Over the past year with all the potential production events, I have tried to make many things happen with regard to Travel, Scheduling, Customer Relation Managers (CRM), Venue Selection, Venue Managers and our Marketing. Some have worked, some have not.

Our good friend Carl Lockett gave Michael Burton Productions, LLC a new jazz focus before leaving on his sabbatical to New Caledonia to play music with Jazz & Blues organist Michel Bénébig composer and band leader.

Michael Burton Productions, LLC's new jazz focus came about after talks with Carl Lockett on how important it would be to get the traditional concept of jazz back on stage in front of the lovers and connoisseurs of the sound, and as you continue to read you will see how Michael Burton Productions, LLC took on the challenges of doing just that.

We would get a message from Michel Bénébig days before Carl Lockett even left the United States for New Caledonia about conversations he and Carl had about our operations, our many years in the entertainment business, and how much effort we put in marketing with the many different club brokers in every city and state around the country, man was I impressed with Carl Lockett's description of Michael Burton Productions, LLC, and was even more impressed with our conversations with Michel Bénébig on his coming back to America outline to play jazz at a venue near you.

So I created Michel Bénébig Jazz for the Jazz Club Bookers, Private Investors, and Sponsorship Investors. Then I started calling as many of my personal investors and acquaintances, however, all were vested in other projects thru 2018. It could all be a reality with private support.

We're getting the word out, 60 days, 38 events, Michel Bénébig Jazz USA.

We believe in "The Michel Bénébig Group" and invite you to enjoy our new jazz venture!

Thank You;

Michael Burton Productions, LLC
P.O. Box 27740
Las Vegas, NV 89126

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