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Sargent Tucker - Live At Fenix DVD Sargent Tucker is not a Tribute Band.

Welcome to the Sargent Tucker "Live At Fenix DVD" mailing campaign for our friends, family and music fans.

As we gear up for more deliveries during the remainder of the year to those that wanted their own personal copy, we didn't want to forget you that weren't there, so we created this handy mailer so we would be able to also send you your own personal video mailed to you for $7.00 US postage & handling (at the link below).

I would like to thank the guys in the Band that played for this session: Danny A. Thomas, Cedric Wilmott, Howard Reggie Dockens, Will Williams, Sargent Tucker, and Paul Branin, with management mentions going to Michael Burton Sr. as Michael Burton Productions, LLC.

I've taken the three hour video feed down to two hours with a really nice edit, and invite you that have time in your busy day to have a music morning or evening with our Sargent Tucker Live @ Fenix DVD. If the crowd was any indication, we had one helleva time; thank you for the evening; we love you all.

If you enjoyed or know of someone that would enjoy a live concert event that was edited with compassion for the music, we would love your help by supporting this live event at the link below.

Sargent Tucker Salutes Motown and Other Memorable Music Classics!

The Sargent Tucker Journey Continues:

Johnnie(aka) Sargent Tucker Ace/BGP-Label release; "Soul Emissaries Super-Funk" a series of Various Artists in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970's.

One of the CD tracks featured a composition titled "Teardrops," and was originally performed by the "Two Things In One", a Richmond CA Band and written by Kevin Burton who also played keyboards on Maze featuring Frankie Beverly's "Inspiration" and "Joy & Pain" albums, may he and Michael Griggs R.I.P.

Let's Take it To The Stage will always be a moniker of loyalty and friendship as Michael Burton Productions, LLC looks to the future of Sargent Tucker Music, and we ask those of you that still remember a really good live music event to support Sargent Tucker Music thru Michael Burton Productions, LLC.

Your free DVD for $7.00 postage & handling at the link below please remember to fill-in your address requirements.

Thank you;

Michael Burton Sr.

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